Making A Positive Difference

Carmichael Associates has been in business for close to 30 years with the prime objective of making a positive difference for our clients. We offer solutions to group insurance and human resource needs.  We’re built on a solid foundation of excellent client service and in-depth market knowledge, and the general philosophy that education and understanding of your company is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future.  Our team of professionals put that knowledge, experience and philosophy to work for each and every client, helping them to succeed.

We are independent general brokers which means we deal with all insurance carriers and thus have access to a broad array of products and opportunities.  And, since we are not beholden to any one specific carrier, our clients receive the best possible recommendations and service.

We believe in being at the cutting edge of every service and solution we offer.  Carmichael Associates has linked themselves with top firms in the field. ThinkHR is our associate and provides answers in all segments of compliance, rules and regulations. Carmichael Associates has also tied with several law firms, CPAs and Financial Planners, which are available when needed.

We work to make a positive difference.  We take a “hands on” approach to Human Resource benefits. Not only will you find our team knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about making your desires a reality. As your Insurance Professionals, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on your goals, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your goals.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please send us an email or give us a call at (805) 379-9374.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Carmichael Associates is incredibly responsive to our questions and calls for assistance. Each of our inquiries is met with professionalism and an insightful knowledge of employee benefits, including health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. They work hard to find the best plans for our employees, often running extensive analysis to make sure our preferred doctors and our prescriptions are available for the health insurance plans we are considering.   Sometimes we run into issues getting claims properly covered. When this happens, Stan and his staff step up and fight for our employees to make sure our claims are handled fairly and quickly.  Carmichael Associates makes every step of the employee benefits process comfortable. They are an outstanding organization.

    Kevin Kozal, Managing Partner, Harding Larmore Kutcher and Kozal, Real Estate Law, Santa Monica CA
  • We are a small Catholic college and because of our structure we have proportionately more employees, which include staff and faculty, than most entities our size. It is imperative, therefore, that we search for the most advantageous pricing when selecting employee benefits. Carmichael Associates continually works to save us money in our employee benefits without compromising our desire for medical plans that protect our religious freedom. Stan and his staff succeed in securing economically priced benefits that meet the needs of our employees while protecting our freedoms thanks to their knowledge of the employee benefits marketplace.
    Whereas most brokers are limited in what they present, Stan has presented us with options outside what is standard. These include private exchanges, MEWA, private trusts, self-funding, partially self-funding, and others. Carmichael Associates is more than just a brokerage firm to us. We consider Stan and his staff good friends.

    Michael Collins – Controller, Catholic College, Santa Paula, CA
  • I highly recommend Carmichael Associates for any and all employee benefits needs. I’m not sure what our school would do without their problem solving assistance and outreach to our medical providers and medical administrators. Stan and his staff have saved us a lot of time and a lot of money by this work that they do. Carmichael Associates maintains outstanding communication with all of our employees. No question is too big or too small to run by them. AND, best of all, Carmichael Associates secures us reasonable pricing with a partially self-funded medical plan. It doesn’t get any better than that! If you want a broker that truly has both the employer AND employees best interests at heart, you want to work with Carmichael Associates.

    Michael van Hecke – Headmaster, private Catholic school (K-12)
  • As a long-time client of Carmichael Associates I am pleased with the work that Stan and his staff do for my business. We get more than just the purchase of health insurance and employee benefits from Stan and his staff. We get ThinkHR with its hotline and training sessions and a knowledgeable team that helps us achieve ACA compliance. All of this, just for the cost of employee health insurance!

    Working with Carmichael Associates has allowed me to focus on the business of doing my business because I know that my employees are taken care of and that my company will be compliant in all the new rules and regulations of employee benefits.

    Gerry Valois, President, Ventura County Produce Company