Making A Positive Difference

Carmichael Associates has been in business for close to 30 years with the prime objective of making a positive difference for our clients. We offer solutions to group insurance and human resource needs.  We’re built on a solid foundation of excellent client service and in-depth market knowledge, and the general philosophy that education and understanding of your company is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future.  Our team of professionals put that knowledge, experience and philosophy to work for each and every client, helping them to succeed.

We are independent general brokers which means we deal with all insurance carriers and thus have access to a broad array of products and opportunities.  And, since we are not beholden to any one specific carrier, our clients receive the best possible recommendations and service.

We believe in being at the cutting edge of every service and solution we offer.  Carmichael Associates has linked themselves with top firms in the field. ThinkHR is our associate and provides answers in all segments of compliance, rules and regulations. Carmichael Associates has also tied with several law firms, CPAs and Financial Planners, which are available when needed.

We work to make a positive difference.  We take a “hands on” approach to Human Resource benefits. Not only will you find our team knowledgeable, but you will also discover that our staff truly cares about making your desires a reality. As your Insurance Professionals, we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on your goals, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your goals.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please send us an email or give us a call at (805) 379-9374.

Some of the Many Reasons to Choose Carmichael as Your Broker and Adviser


The benefit of having a rich Platinum plan for the cost of an inexpensive Bronze plans where you could save as much as 20% or more.  This is accomplished by evaluating the structural characteristic of a health plan and developing solutions.  Some tools available to accomplish this are:

  • New “carve out” plans which pass the ACA test.
  • Group HRAs
  • Level self-funding for small employers where employer risk is minimized
  • Utilizing the internal characteristics of a plan to achieve premium savings
  • Utilizing timing, when possible, to also save premiums monies
  • Look at Strategies to take advantage of carrier markup/ profit


From Carmichael Associates…it is like having an additional part-time professional on your HR staff.

  • Often our staff will work directly with employees dealing with claims, provider networks, Rx formularies, Medicare issues
  • Routinely, our staff works with employers concerned about billing issues, new enrollments, terminations, changes and much more. These are critical issues, subject to expensive law suits if mistakes are made.
  • Our personnel must be knowledgeable and experienced to know who to contact as well as the terms and language to be used for these issues. Using inexperienced and/or over worked staff is not the answer.
  • The time involved in these matters is variable…sometimes taking minutes, hours or continuing, off and on, over long periods of time. Difficult for employers to anticipate and/or build staff to handle.


Carmichael will handle you compliance issues concerning employee benefits by sending out required communications to employees. You will no longer have to worry about the some 20+ laws and regulations. The cost for this service is only $280 per year.  For this annual fee you also receive:

  • HR 800# Help Desk available
  • Employee Handbook assistance
  • Total Compensation Statements available. Presenting a quantified value of all “non-payroll” compensation. (Ex. Vacations, breaks, employee benefits, etc)
  • Employment Law updates. Access to state and federal employment laws and legal tools. As well as referrals to employment law attorneys.
  • HR compliance audit. Learn how your company complies with Fed and local regs.

You will see a reduction in your time spent, costs and risk. Resulting in an increase in your profit. Carmichael will make a positive difference for your firm.

Certifications & Memberships

Our Carrier and Vendor Partners

  • Chartered Life Underwriter
  • Accredited Estate Planner
  • National Association of Life Underwriters Planner
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Financial Services
  • Certified Life Underwriter
  • National Association of Health Underwriters
  • Anthem
  • Blue Shield
  • Kaiser
  • Health Net
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Cigna
  • Cal Choice
  • Guardian
  • Aflac
  • Unum
  • Standard
  • Western Grower’s
  • United Agriculture Benefit Trust
  • Reta Trust
  • Christian Brother’s Trust
  • Smart Choice
  • VSP
  • Delta Dental
  • TASC
  • Ben-E-Lect