Stan Carmichael, Founder of Carmichael Associates

Stan Carmichael received a degree in economics from Stanford University and secured his MBA at UCLA. He later went on to earn a master’s degree in financial planning. He has also earned multiple certificates in the Life and Health Insurance profession including a CLU and ChFC.

Prior to the insurance industry, Stan was president of a food company based in Minnesota and later bought a chemical company with plants throughout the U.S. Because of this business experience, Stan thinks like a business person, not an insurance salesperson.

Stan has spent 22 years in Health and Life Insurance and has assembled a team of top Health Insurance experts. Carmichael Associates is in the business of saving companies significant premium dollars in their Health Insurance. The Carmichael people think outside the box.

He has contributed many articles and appeared on numerous panels concerning health plans. He is very active in the current healthcare industry with its turmoil and reform!

Carmichael Associates Offers information on tax advantages through special additions to health plans. Important compliance information and HR training are also benefits offered by Carmichael.

Also, through Carmichael Ellis, retirement plans are available as well as investment management and financial planning. Carmichael Ellis has been named among the top 100 financial services firms in the U.S. by Wealth & Finance International.