Wellness Benefits to Enhance Your Benefit Offering

Wellness benefit programs are designed to help employees live a healthy lifestyle, leading to significant improvements in workplace wellness, including spiked morale, productivity and reduced absenteeism, to name a few.

Employees can participate in a number of ways, online or both on and off-site, and advanced reporting tools help employers track usage and engagement.

Health Screenings

Wellness benefits can include on or off-site health screenings for annual flu shots, blood pressure checks, heart condition or cancer screenings and more.

Physical Fitness and Exercise

Wellness programs promote physical fitness through benefits that provide gym memberships and/or exercise coaching.

Diet and Nutrition

Provide and promote wellness company-wide through multiple platforms such as informative newsletters, brochures, and workplace posters.

Other Wellness Programs

Professionally-run on and off-site seminars on smoking cessation, substance abuse help, financial wellness seminars and more.